Spirulina Weight Loss

Spirulina for Losing Weight

Spirulina benefits weight loss in several ways.

By eating incredibly nutrient-laden foods you’re supplying your system the raw materials it requires to keep you healthy and trigger the secretion of the fullness hormonal agent leptin that keeps your desire for food in check, and overweight people seem to benefit the most. You feel good, stop craving low-quality food, and your body starts to shed more unwanted fat effortlessly. Regularly eating meals high in nutrition-filled protein-rich foods such as spirulina encourage weight loss and a reduction of body fat stores through several mechanisms. Because it takes higher energy levels to process food, eating protein helps maintain lean tissue and indeed results in weight loss. To maximize this benefit, try to consume it in the morning or during midday rather than the evening.

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The high amounts of protein it provides make a low carbohydrate diet more possible. And the GLA it contains reduces carbohydrate binding, so your body absorbs fewer carbohydrates and thus helping you to lose weight. Spirulina supplement is low calorie with 3.9 calories per every gram of protein which is far fewer calories than from one gram of beef protein which contains 65 calories. The body’s ability to absorb the protein in spirulina is four times greater than the protein absorption from meat. If you add exercise to your diet program, it will help you to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. Vitamin B2 plays a vital role in energy production, and 1/2 cup of spirulina contains 120% of the daily recommended dosage. As a result, your energy levels will be elevated making it much easier to get up and get the exercise you need to help lose those pounds.

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According to a clinical study done by Susan Jones, Ph.D. of Los Angeles, CA “In my 90-day clinical study with over 100 men and women, we discovered that Spirulina (when taken each day) helps. It curbs the appetite, eliminates carb and junk food cravings, precludes overeating, and supports weight loss to the tune of between 1-3 pounds weekly when taking 1-2 teaspoons of the powder daily (morning and afternoon) or the equivalency in tablets (6-12 tablets). If you are under lots of stress daily, then take the second teaspoon in the afternoon, as I do quite frequently. Six tablets are 3g of this product. Each participant also added in a 30-minute walk daily.”

Spirulina Powder Benefits Weight Loss

There is sound evidence that taking this dark green algae superfood can be extremely beneficial as an aid to weight loss simply due to all the vitamins and nutrients that it contains and their power to decrease your appetite and increase your energy levels. Bear in mind that it also contains detoxifying properties so start out with lower than the recommended serving and slowly increase your intake.